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The Peacefederalists is a political party promoting the ideas of a future world federation based on peace and cooperation. Unlike other movements, parties and leaders who advance their own “democracy” models through crude military might our party’s ideals are built on pluralism and non-interference. We believe that democracy has many forms and may be expressed in many different social systems. It can never be instituted by military means, power, coups, threats, blocs or intervention, but it shall be a product of its own people. Sadly, the present world order is still based on the old antagonistic principles, the very same ones which brought us so many wars, death, destruction and misery.

Instead of piling more weaponry to threaten, invade or “democratize” other countries, we shall rely on peaceful diplomacy and intend to disband our entire armed forces. For just a fraction of the current defence budget we’ll create new emergency and other social services that would really help people - home or abroad. We are happy to fight poverty, disease, epidemics, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and all sorts of disasters, but not other human beings.

Our pacifist foreign policy shall enable the realization of myriad ambitious social goals. These goals can only be achieved if we restructure our archaic government system and scrap the astronomical defence, espionage and other highly questionable expenditures.

We’re based in Australia but keen to attract international interest and membership from every corner of the globe. Although some of our policies may be focused on specific Australian issues, the vast majority of them are applicable for every other country in the world.

Here are just a few policy highlights:

Monarchy is the most archaic form of government which none of us can associate with true democracy any more. We are devoted to the republican and federalist ideals and keen to aid their progress by abolishing the states and incorporating our ever-bickering state politicians into one and only national parliament. The new single chamber parliament shall ensure the equality of all representatives and be vastly more democratic and efficient than the current system. This modern government system shall boost social integration and national unity, drastically cut bureaucracy, inefficiency and red tape while endorsing total accountability, transparency and 24/7 public access.

Free and comprehensive healthcare shall cover all essential needs - from ambulance and dental services through to abortion and euthanasia. Healthy lifestyle shall be encouraged by education, tax incentives, free addiction treatment and rehabilitation, sport and many other initiatives.

Families and children shall benefit from 1-year paid maternity leave, free childcare and modern education. Every child or student shall receive exactly the same amount of government funds disregarding the school he/she attends (private or government) or any other circumstances. Extra funding shall also enable free pre- and after-school care (7 a.m. – 7 p.m.), modern school facilities, new national curriculum and test schemes, free healthy meals and transport, proper teacher remuneration, academic achievement awards, etc.

Our fragile environment is facing huge challenges which can’t be ignored or postponed any further. We shall fully cooperate with UN and other international organizations in an effort to reduce harmful pollution and emissions, and combat serious threats such as global warming, deforestation, draught etc. Clean power generation shall replace most of the old smoky coal stations and mines within the next decade.

Our other policies are no less exciting but too many to mention here (pls. see for more info). All of them are perfectly realistic and not based on any tax or other revenue increases. On the contrary – our new simplified tax system shall facilitate socially responsible business and reduce taxes for more than 98% of the population.

The Party’s structure is very plain and reflects the principles of equality. The constitution is based on simple democratic principles allowing every member to choose his/her level of involvement and exercise his/her rights and opinions freely through discussions and balloting. Disregarding their position in the party’s hierarchy each member has just one vote – no executive can override or veto the decisions of the majority.

The party is still in its infancy (established 2008) and yet to win any parliamentary representation.

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